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About PDF files

PDF files require the use of Adobe Reader (previously known as Adobe Acrobat Reader) or an alternative PDF reader. Adobe Reader is a free application which is available for Windows, Mac OS and some Unix computers.

It is quite possible that you already have the software installed on your computer – if not, Adobe Reader can be downloaded from To go directly to the download page you can use this link:

PDF is a powerful and very useful document format. It is worth exploring some of the options provided by the Adobe Reader software. You can view PDF files on your computer or print them to paper. You can change the page size to simplify navigation or to improve readability.

Print or screen

We prefer to design our documents for reading on screen, to improve ease of use and avoid the need to use paper. Some may also be offered in versions designed for printing to paper.

Adobe Reader Full Screen view

If you choose our PDF documents designed for reading on screen, you will find that they work particularly well in Adobe Reader’s Full Screen view. This expands the page to take full advantage of the screen and surrounds it with a black background which improves clarity and focus.

To read a document in Full Screen view

In Adobe Reader 7, click the Full Screen View icon on the status bar at the bottom left of the Adobe Reader window. In Reader 7 or earlier versions you can also use Ctrl+L (Windows) or Command+L (Mac OS). Menu commands are available in the View or Window menu depending on the version you are using.

Moving between pages

Press Enter or Return or the Down Arrow or Right Arrow key to page forward through the document. Press Shift+Return or the Up Arrow or Left Arrow key to page backward through the document.

To exit Full Screen view

Press Esc, or press Ctrl+L (Windows) or Command+L (Mac OS).

Another navigation option

Adobe Reader preferences provide an option (in Full Screen preferences) to display a navigation bar while in Full Screen view. This will appear at bottom left when a document is opened and disappear after a few seconds: move the cursor into the bottom left of the screen to make it visible.

Changing the full screen view appearance

The background colour can be changed via Full Screen preferences. The default black provides maximum contrast and impact but you may prefer a lighter background to soften the contrast. It is usually best to choose neutral backgrounds to avoid diminishing the effect of the colours used in documents.